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The Grace Dart Foundation

The Grace Dart Foundation

President’s Message

Dear Friends of the Grace Dart Foundation

The Grace Dart Foundation continues to support services that are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of care for residents every day at the Grace Dart Extended Centre (Ste-Catherine Street) and now on three floors at Ste. Anne’s Hospital (Ste. Anne de Bellevue).

We have been actively observing, learning and adapting to the changes brought on by the reorganisation of the health and social services network over the last two years and take pride that our values continue to anchor our dedication.

Even in the midst of external changes, we have been able to protect and be true to our values by keeping the residents at the center of our concern. The Foundation has a strong presence at both sites, being visible and accessible. We encourage and support the Human Factor and projects that sustain a great Milieu de Vie.

As Directors, we continually reflect on our vision to ensure that our foundation continues its mission with strength and perseverance while at the same time increasing our visibility and ability to raise funds. As we move forward we look to build links within the community and adapt to the constantly changing challenges and shifting needs of the elderly.

The Foundation keeps our residents, their families and loved ones at the centre of its concerns and strives to provide the best Love and Care in a safe and pleasant living environment.



Elise Nesbitt

President of the Grace Dart Foundation