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The Grace Dart Foundation


Grace Dart. Old picture of the first institution. Old picture of the second institution.

The Grace Dart Extended Care Centre is a public establishment of the Quebec Health and Social Services network, offering residency and long term care to adults suffering from loss of autonomy.

The residents originate primarily from the local and regional English-speaking community. The Institution is presently located on two sites, the Grace Dart Pavilion and the Extended Care Site, each of which was once an independent establishment.

The Montreal Extended Care Centre (now called the Extended Care Site) was founded in 1863 as the Montreal Protestant House of Industry and Refuge. The first Board of Governors met in September of that year chaired by John Redpath, the first president. The other officers included William Molson, William Murray, William Workman and Charles Alexander, among other prominent Montreal businessmen.

The first major bequest was a farm owned by Thomas Molson. The property was a sizable tract of farmland at Longue Pointe.

Later bequests by William Workman in 1885 and James Moore in 1894 allowed for the construction of the Old People’s Home and the Moore Convalescent Home. From 1950 to 1959, a new five floor wing added to the homes became the 146 bed long term Montreal Protestant Hospital. 1980 marked the construction of the Molson Hall linking the 1959 hospital building with the 1885 and 1894 homes. June 30th 1976 saw the homes and hospital merged into one legal entity known as the Centre de Soins Prolongés de Montréal / Montreal Extended Care Centre. Today it has a capacity of 280 beds.

The Grace Dart Hospital (now called the Grace Dart Pavilion) was founded in 1907 by Henry J. Dart in memory of his daughter, Grace, who had passed away from tuberculosis in 1898. First located on St-Antoine Street, the institution moved into a new building on Sherbrooke Street East as a sanatorium. In 1965 it was converted into a long term care hospital andever since, as for the Centre de Soins Prolongés de Montréal / Montreal Extended Care Centre the center has been recognized for its excellence in providing a high quality of life to its patients and residents. The Grace Dart Pavilion provides 101 long term care beds.

In 1992, in accordance with Quebec legislation, the Grace Dart Hospital and the Montreal Extended Care Centre were united under a single administration. In 1999, they were legally merged and became known as the Centre de Soins Prolongés Grace Dart / Grace Dart Extended Care Centre.

The Grace Dart Hospital Foundation received its incorporating Letters Patent on October 20th,1969. The founding members were James A. Fraser, Paul S. Nadeau, Merrill F. Anderson, Parker B. Reid, Joseph E. Nadeau and David B. Campbell.

In its 33 years of pre-amalgamation existence, the GDH Foundation was chaired by four presidents, with Mr. Parker Bancroft Reid serving for twenty-two consecutive years. In the last decade, an increasing number of members served on both the Grace Dart Hospital Foundation and the Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation. Throughout these 33 years, the Grace Dart received well over one million dollars in donations and grants from its Foundation.

The Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation was incorporated in 1972.
The Founding members were Wesley H. Bradley, J. Alasdair Fraser, Brydone A. Millidge, Kiel H. Oxley, Barry Porteous, Kenneth B. Roberton, C. Reginald Trenholme, Frank C. Winser, and George R. Wyer. The very first meeting of members took place on May 1, 1973 at the University Club of Montreal. George R. Wyer then became the first president of the new Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation.

On September 12, 1988, celebrations took place for the 125th anniversary of the Centre. At the February 1996 Board meeting, it was proposed to merge the Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation with the Grace Dart Hospital Foundation. In the same year the possibility of a move by the Centre to a more appropriate location was suggested. Through its 22-year existence the Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation granted to the Centre an amount in excess of 8.2 million dollars towards the welfare of the residents.

The Grace Dart Foundation
In January 2004 the merger of the foundations became officialThe main effort of the Foundation is to support the initiatives of the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre in terms of improved care of the residents. In May 2013, the Grace Dart celebrates its 150th anniversary, building on 150 years of care and love.


Chairmen through the years:

Grace Dart Foundation

Elise Nesbitt*, 2015 –

David M. Wayland*, 2011 – 2015
Henry G. Aitken, 2009 – 2011
Yves Michel Lymburner, 2005 – 2009
Louis-René Cantin, 2003 – 2005

Grace Dart Hospital Foundation

Merrill Frith Anderson 1969 – 1972
Paul Simeon Nadeau 1972 – 1976
Parker Bancroft Reid 1976 – 1999
David M. Wayland* CA 1999 – 2003

Montreal Protestant Homes Foundation

George R. Wyer 1973 – 1975
Wesley H. Bradley, QC 1975 – 1986
James P. Stanley 1986 – 1989
Louis-René Cantin 1989 – 2003

*Indicates active Board member, 2015 – 2016.