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The Grace Dart Foundation

Web site accessibility

Particular care has been taken with respect to this Web site to ensure that it complies with accessibility software and equipment. If, however, you experience difficulty completing a form, accessing certain pages or using certain services offered on this Web portal, do not hesitate to contact us.
However, we cannot guarantee the accessibility of content or applications that come from third parties.

Keyboard access keys

This site has been designed so that it is completely accessible from a computer keyboard.

  • Key 0: consult the accessibility policy
  • Key 1: return to the home page
  • Key 2: direct access to the content of the current page
  • Key 3: consult the site map
  • Key M: direct access to the main menu

The means for accessing the access keys depend on your computer’s browser.

In the case of most browsers that operate with Windows, you have to press the keys “Alt” and “Shift” along with the access key simultaneously (do not use the numbers on the number pad), then on “Enter” as the case may be.

In a Macintosh environment, you generally have to press “CTRL” and the access key simultaneously.
For more details, we invite you to consult the Wikipedia article entitled Access in Different Browsers.

Skip links

Located at the top of the page, three links provide direct access to the information sought.

  1. The first link leads directly to the content.
  2. The second link leads to the main menu for the site.
  3. The third link leads to the home page.

Alternative content

Each of the graphic elements on this web portal includes a text description that will be displayed if the visitor decides not to display the images or if he/she cannot display or see the images.

Site map

The map of the site is available at the bottom of each page of the site. It is also accessible through keyboard access key 3.

Compatibility with browsers

It is possible to access this Web portal using recent browsers, specifically Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (versions 8 and later), Safari, etc.

We strongly recommend that you do not use obsolete browsers.

Validation tools

The accessibility of the site is verified with the following tools:

  • Web Developer toolbar for Firefox
  • Firefox Accessibility Extension
  • Juicy Studio Accessibility toolbar (Color Contrast Analyser)